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Best Baby Toys - Kids Toys

Best Baby Toys

Along with the joy of welcoming your baby is the marathon that follows afterward. Babies at this stage, all but poop, cry, sleep and eat. This can go on for months.

But shortly after this, another phase emerges. This is when your baby begins to adapt to their surroundings and want to play more. Playing is an essential part of your baby’s development. And as a parent, you have a role to play in helping them get the best out of it. 

To help you in this task, we have chosen the seven best must-have baby toys for your baby. Let’s take a look.

7 Best Baby Toys For Your Baby

1.   Activity Cubes

Activity toys are toys that help in developing your baby’s motor skills. They usually don’t have too many loose parts and so don’t get lost too often.

They are designed with different elements that your baby can manipulate in several ways. By so doing, they are recognizing shapes and learning how to grip objects.

2.   Touch and Feel Books

Touch and feel books are another great baby toy you should buy for your baby. They are skilled in aiding language and speech development in toddlers.

These books spark curiosity in your baby and encourage them to explore their world. By touching the textured stories, your baby will be inspired to associate names and words with them.

3.   Soft Baby Dolls

The benefit of babies playing with dolls abound. As much we would like to always be with our baby, the truth is that we just can’t. These soft baby dolls are super cuddly and can serve as great companions for your baby.

Playing with dolls helps to solidify your baby’s social skills. As they take care of them, they learn responsibility and empathy.

4.   Cot Mobile

Another awesome baby toy every child must have is cot mobiles.  This toy is a multi-faceted playing tool for your baby. Cot mobiles provide your baby with visual stimulation and also develop motor skills.

If your baby finds it difficult to sleep, then a musical cot mobile is an even better option. They can help keep your baby entertained while you get on with other daily chores.

5.   Stacking Cups

Around 5 months, your baby begins to develop object permanence. This is the understanding that objects still exist even though they cannot see or hear them.

The stacking cups help to develop this skill in your baby. It improves your baby’s hand-eye coordination, concentration, and quickness. And guess what? Your baby can also learn some maths and geometry in the process.

6.   Push Cars

Want to see your baby’s eyes light up with excitement? Then, gift them a push car. This toy is not only fun but also develops your baby’s cognitive skills.

Playing with push cars helps to develop your baby’s motor skills and coordination. Whether your baby has begun walking or running, push cars can also help improve their balance.

7.   Toy Mirrors

At their age, babies are besotted with their reflection in a mirror. Toy mirrors are a perfect toy option for your baby as they develop your baby’s motor skills.

This is because, looking in the mirror inspires babies to sit, crawl or roll. They do all these to get a better view of their reflections. Likewise, playing with mirrors teaches your baby to be self-aware.


Playing is an indispensable part of your baby’s development. And since you cannot always play with your baby, toys are essential as your baby grows up. They entertain, improve and aid your baby’s overall development.